ORTA Restaurant

Orta restaurant is the playground and pulse of Casa Mãe. From bright early mornings till late under the moonlight, our chefs dish out fresh, bright flavours on the plates.

Be good or indulge — you choose! From healthy breakfasts to charcoal barbecue, it’s all about the purity of the produce — fresh, local, tasty! We scouted the Algarve to get the best of local produce from artisan suppliers, cooked in the best farm to table tradition. Our kitchen is open, our food to share, and Casa Mãe to gather! Come and enjoy with us!



Our horta, our quinta

From our gardens with love; local sourcing and the celebration of the seasons are at the core of Casa Mãe’s lifestyle concept. Our team of farmers and gardeners put a lot of love in growing Casa Mae’s produce and raising our 200 chickens for our in house egg production – a happy family that we have there!

Headed by Fonseca, the team applies the principles of permaculture, biodynamism and sustainability to respect the land and foster biodiversity – you will see them busy, planting, harvesting – and if you fancy joining them, our workshops are there for you!


Farm to table with our chefs